February 28, 2011

A Look at the Two Waterfalls

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Niagara falls

There are many water falls in the world and one of the most popular is Niagara falls located right on the border between Canada and America.  Both surrounded by twin cities, Niagara Falls, Ontario and Niagara Falls New York.  Declared to be a favorite and famous tourist attraction in the world and honeymoon destination.  Geologist believed that the falls formed through erosion from Niagara River, exposed old marine rocks from many years ago including melted glaciers.  It has three separate waterfalls the Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and American falls.  Six million cubic feet of water spill over the falls every minute, majority coming from Horseshoe Falls.  Water falls from high up to 170 ft.

Tinuy-an Falls

In the Philippines there are also known waterfalls.  One is the Tinuy-and falls, in fact it was advertised as Niagara Falls in the Philippines.  It is the main tourist attraction in the Booming city by the bay, Bislig city, Surigao Del Sur.  Tinuy-an falls is one of the best waterfalls in the Philippines just like Niagara Falls the water also flows from three different levels.  It is 55 meters or 180 ft high 95meters wide.  Rainbow is known to appear every morning from 9:0o am to 11:00 am.

Nice falls isn’t it? I’ve never been to this place although I have seen most of it on TV and ads. I am hoping to get there anytime soon.  The water seems so cool and clean.  I always like rainbow too ever since, it is nice to look at and soothing to the eyes…there is a feeling of relief every time i see a rainbow. I guess it would be a different feeling watching rainbow in a cool morning beside a waterfalls.

February 24, 2011

Gateway EC13N A Handy Netbook for Every Season

Unemployment is one of the problems today and because of this more people especially the youth choose to become a young entrepreneur.  Since online business is the trend now a lot of people take advantage of the power of the internet.  If you are a web enthusiasts there are many ways to earn online.  But, definitely for a newbie it will not make you instantly rich. Just like any other normal employees you still have to work hard and continue to develop your skills for your online business to survive.

Among many choices of online business today blogging is becoming popular and a lot of people are jumping into the bandwagon.  Many people take blogging as a sideline to earn additional income.  For some people they like blogging simply because they get to work while in the comforts of their home.  It gives equal opportunities for full time moms like me to earn during their spare time at home.   Many WAHM (Working At Home Mom) today enjoy their part time/full time jobs online as Virtual Assistant or Article Writer aside from blogging.  These are just few examples of the many available jobs online which are open for everybody.

I am into blogging for quite some time now. I am also enjoying my other online job as an article writer. But, being a WAHM there are times when I missed some of my opportunities in my own blog especially when I am away from home. Times like this I realized I need a handy netbook. I guess EC13N is perfect.  If you are a mobile entrepreneur, a traveller, a web enthusiast, a blogger who wants to share your thoughts on your latest adventures, photos, etc., with the power of the internet it is easy to make a post through your handy netbook.  The Gateway EC13N is a technology wonder.  It’s a great companion for everybody anytime, anywhere.

Why netbook? Gateway EC13N is perfectly built for your daily blogging habits with notable display screen. A perfect partner for a person on-the-go, ultimate solution for keeping files, and very handy.  This handy netbook is equipped with: AthlonII, 2MB L2 Cache, 800 MHz FSB, 12W.  Wireless LAN : 802.11b/g/n WiFi certified network connection with an impressive dimension 285Wx204Dx25/28.9H mm.  1.35kg 2.98lbs. The display screen is 11.6″HD 1366x 768 (WXGA) pixel resolutions, high brightness (220-nit), Ultrabright LED-backlit TFT LCD. The Gateway EC12N is built with 2GB DDR3 memory, 320GB SATA HDD hard drive. It is also built with AMD Athlon II Neo Dual-core processor K235.

Gateway EC13N is a savvy partner of a blogging adventurer and giving everyone the power and style to blog anytime, anywhere…Come on guys grab your handy netbook now and enjoy blogging!

February 23, 2011

Important Things To Know About Insomnia

There are times in our life that we sometimes experience difficulty sleeping. A healthy sleep is essential to the human body and significant for the optimal functioning of the brain and other organs. Most people who experience difficulty sleeping and getting poor sleep might be suffering from a disorder commonly called insomnia.  There are three types of insomnia:

Transient or mild insomnia in this case a person may experience difficulty sleeping that last for a few days with no significant evidence of mood disturbances during the day.

A short term or moderate insomnia usually last for less than a month and display a mild mood disturbance together with feelings of irritability and fatigue.

Chronic or severe insomnia sleep difficulties that last for more than a month that severely spoil the normal functioning of a person during the day.  A person with this kind of insomnia feels restless, irritable, may also feel anxiety and fatigue.

There are several causes of insomnia these includes psychologicalphysical and temporary events or Factors. Anxiety falls under psychological cause in which a person feels increased tension, helpless, fear, worry and uncertainty.  Another psychological cause is stress, a factor that needs response or change. It is how a person cope with any physical, social and economic problems. The last one is depression, a mood disturbance associated with feelings of sadness, despair and discouragement.

Physical Cause includes hormonal changes in women, decreased melatonin, medical conditions, pain, genetics and other sleep disorder like sleep apnea. The third cause is temporary events or factors such as: Adjustment sleep disorder, a reaction to change or stress. A person working the night shifts or long shifts, jet lag, medications, overuse of caffeine and alcohol, environmental noise, extreme temperatures, or a change in person’s surrounding environment.

How is insomnia treated?  Many experts considered sleeping pills to be overused, dangerous and can lead to addiction, non medicine option is suggested. Some helpful ideas to combat insomnia are physical relaxation, mental relaxation. Other techniques to try includes yoga or meditation, exercise, reading while lying in a relax position, listening to good music, having a bath or shower before bed time, massage especially the neck, shoulder and leg muscles.

Insomnia can be a sign of an undiagnosed medical or psychological disorder. If you suspect to have this kind of disorder, do not take this for granted and untreated its best to see your doctor.

February 20, 2011

Live Life To The Fullest: Eat Less Sugar

Sugar is used to add sweetness to foods or drinks. We love sweets even if we don’t have sweet tooth.  But, too much sugar is bad for our health.

How much sugar should I consume each day?  There are three different types of carbohydrate: fiber, starch and sugar.  According to experts there is no required consumption for sugar but there is a minimum needed carbohydrate in our body which is 130 grams each day for male and female including adults and children.  But majority consumed more than the minimum requirement.

Sugar has a stimulating taste and too much intake of it promotes overeating.  Too much calorie intake (calorie comes from eating food high in sugar content) may lead to diabetes, obesity which may cause health risk and other problems like heart disease and certain types of cancer mainly pancreatic cancer.

However, everything can be eaten moderately.  There are also available alternatives for sugar in your diet.  The naturally occurring sugars from fruits and vegetables also are a great source of carbohydrate and enough to meet the needed carbohydrate supply in the body.  Don’t starve yourself by not eating anymore your favorite goodies.   If you always love coffee, brew your morning coffee with a cinnamon stick which can be found in groceries and supermarkets.  For pancakes, waffles and oatmeal you can add fresh fruit or fruit purees.  On your favorite baked foods like cakes, cookies and macaroons try with a little less of the sweet stuff by cutting the amount of sugar.

As usual it’s all about balance.  Inspire yourself to reach your health goals.  Choose the right food and exercise regularly. Everyday is a great day to live life to the fullest!

February 16, 2011

Ways To Detect A Scam Online

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Everybody works hard to earn a living and to have a decent life.  Even people who are employed are still looking for other possibilities to earn additional income.  More and more people entertain the thought of putting up a business and some became successful entrepreneurs.  Internet business is becoming a trend today.  While many enjoy and get rewarded for working online, beware for there are also scams proliferating on the web.   Remember money does not come easily, you have to work hard in order to earn from the internet.

Maybe you experience receiving emails coming from someone regarding websites offering how to earn money online with too good to be true testimonials.  Even if you see that the site seems to be legitimate be sure to investigate it first, make a research on it.

Never give out your information quickly.  Most of us have the tendency to grab immediately whatever comes our way.  Sometimes we register right away and divulge some other important personal information, which ideally should not be.  There are lots of “get rich” online scheme most of them very fraudulent; Big scams. Beware of them.   Here are some tips to know if those websites are scam sites.

Search about the website preferably in Google. Type the website domain name and space then the word scam example:  “ scam fraud”, you will know immediately the site’s activities.  Check if the site runs an active forum where issues related to site’s activities are discussed.  You will get an idea from the forum itself based on experiences of members.  Another tip to detect if the site is scam is to know if they run an active support system.  If you find one try to ask questions and inquiries and see if they respond quickly.  You will know if it is a scam if they don’t respond to support ticket submitted.  When making a payment on any form be sure the website starts with https://” and not http:// and has a security certificate.

Lastly, go to website “” provided by MacAfee. Paste the website address ex. then click GO.  You will be provided with the needed analysis on the website.  Try also “” where you can get the registered owner/s, addresses and phone numbers.  Scammers normally change addresses.  Legitimate websites normally don’t ask you for a fee.  Choose the free membership website’s available until you are not yet sure of the site.

February 13, 2011

Something You Should Know About Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day around the world and every country has its unique way of celebrating it. Valentines Day is a day of lovers irrespective of age.  It is celebrated with much interest and gusto. People of all ages celebrate this day exchanging love messages and honor St. Valentine the patron saint of lovers.  Lovers give passionate gifts, flowers, cards and chocolates and are commonly seen in various hot spots like restaurants, cinemas, and so on.  Others organize a party just to make this day alive.

Different ideas emerged as to the history of Valentine’s Day.  There are also many versions of valentine’s story.  Experts said it begin from a Roman named St. Valentine who refused to gave up Christianity and was a sacrificial victim and died on February 14, 269 A.D.  Folk tale declared he had become friend with the jailer’s daughter and eventually left a fare well note for her which says “From Your Valentine”.  Another story said he was a priest at the temple during the reign ofEmperor Claudius who jailed him for disobedience. Pope Gelasius in 496 A.D. declared February 14 to honour St. Valentine.  It was then in 1800’s when commercial valentine’s card was first introduced.

There are many ways and different traditions in celebrating Valentine’s Day.  In Wales hearts, keys and keyholes are favorite decorations in carved spoons as gift. It is interesting to know that in Japan ladies buy chocolates for men.  Then after a month (March 14) they call “The white Day” the men will give white chocolate in return to ladies who remembered them on this special day.  In Britain Magazines and tabloids publish poems and verses to commemorate this day. It has also been a long time tradition in Austria and Germany for men to buy flowers for their sweethearts on this special day but have to make sure their sweethearts like the color and fragrance of the flower.

Different gifts, different traditions and giving of flowers surely add romance and excitement to the occasion.  No matter where you are and what traditions you believed in as we celebrate valentine’s day let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them, express your feelings freely and let them know  how much they mean to you.

February 10, 2011

Helping Others realized The Benefits of Dark Chocolates

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Chocolates is very popular and a favorite present especially for lovers and soon to be sweethearts. When we mentioned chocolate first thing that comes in mind is it is “sweet” and should be eaten moderately because it contains high calorie and a high fat food.  Although some fat in dark chocolate don’t have bearing in your cholesterol.  I love chocolates in fact I have my own favorites, but I go for Dark chocolates. Dark chocolate is a chocolate without milk solids and this kind of chocolate is susceptible to dry, it has chalky texture and has both sweet and bitter taste.  The key ingredients in dark chocolate are cacao beans, sugar and lecithin, this components help to retain its quality.  Dark chocolates can be classified according to their cocoa solid content in a bar.  Usually commercial dark chocolate bars contains 30%, 70% and 75%% respectively or 80% above for extremely dark chocolates.  It is also known as bittersweet chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate and sweet dark chocolate.

Eating a small bar of dark chocolate everyday can help keep your heart running well.  It can reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol as well.   If you eat half bar of dark chocolate in a day you must refrain from eating other sweets, instead, eat less of something else to maintain your calorie.  You should know that chocolates have 300 compounds and chemicals in every bite so, better take time and enjoy the taste.  It has higher antioxidants compared to milk chocolates. When buying dark chocolate choose pure dark chocolates or with nuts, orange peel and other flavorings except with caramel, nougat etc. they just added sugar and fat in it.  Avoid milk after eating dark chocolate for it will prevent the proper absorption of antioxidants in your body.

February 9, 2011

Why Cell phones Make Life Easier


This modern times cell phone is important to stay connected with your friends, family and loved ones. It helps people save money and time by giving instructions directly while busy for some other functions outside.  It offers a sense of security to many users.  It allows information reach to its target quickly and helps save life during emergencies.  Cell phones has the capability to store data and take pictures during any special occasions and ordinary days a feature which makes young and adult alike fully enjoys.  Amazing right?  Though there are still available phones in the market that don’t have  built- in cameras but still very useful when it comes to sending messages.

Today, manufacturers take advantage of this technology and turned out producing different kinds of cell phones from expensive to less expensive type.  This leaves consumers the option to choose in buying a cell phone.  As years go by, new phones are introduced in the market with features similar to computers.  This allows users to log on to their emails, Facebook, and Twitter and even update their blogs while they are on the go.

I remember few years back when cell phone was first introduced in the market it was bulky, some even required a base unit and you can only use it in a designated area where there is a signal. Today, the used of Satellites and wireless services make cell phones easy to use and accessible anytime, making life easier.  Aside from security, owning a cell phone nowadays became a status symbol.

February 7, 2011

Make Your Own Blog and Start Blogging This 2011

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February 07, 2011

Blogging is very popular nowadays for many reasons.  Others are into blogging because writing is their passion.   Blogging for them is a hobby, in blogging you will meet different personalities which then later blossom into friendship.  You can also share your point of view and join forums and discussions on the web. Blogging as a source of additional income and a lot more.   You may know some  people now who are into blogging and some of you might want to try and start a blog but don’t know how.  A lot of my friends are asking me what is a blog? how to start a blog? and what is blogging?

A blog is a website that is use to share opinions, discussions and any online journal which enables readers to comment on any post or articles.

A Blogger is a person who maintains or updates a blog.  Blogging on the other hand is the act of publishing a blog, or writing a new entry.

Anyone can start a blog all you have to do is to choose between these popular providers like LiveJournal,,, Xanga and Webs.  Register now and follow the steps provided.  Don’t worry about your design for ready made templates are provided.  You can add free blogging freebies like tag boards, imoods, buttons. etc. It’s up for you if you change it later to make it more personalize.  There are many sites that offers free templates like free blogger templates.  You can also chose if you want your blog to be public or  private.  After setting up your blog you may now start writing your posts.

Before anything else be sure to know what you want in your blog.  Decide the title first so that you will not end up thinking until you realized you wasted your time. It’s a fact that at first, it will seem tough to figure out what to write, but once you get into the habit of daily blogging, you will find it addictive.  You can write as many topic as you want or anything you are interested in. Write about your day, your thoughts, events, ideas, fears, pleasures, the news, current affairs, art, etc.

Blogging is not just all about writing or updating your blog.  You have to visit other blogs/websites to build blogging circles.  Be sure to leave your url when you join any forums/discussions and when you visit other sites or blogs so that others may notice and visit you back.  This is one way to get traffic to your site.

Now that you have a blog you may explore sites that offers tutorials and information on how to make money on line and from your blog to make blogging more exciting!

February 4, 2011

What You Need To Know About Facebook

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People now have greater access to the internet.  Besides, Social networking is growing and gaining more popularity among users.  Instead of sending text messages they turn to this channel to send greetings to their loved ones, friends, and families here and abroad.  Why people are using Facebook?  I guess people might just want to have their own place to upload photos so that they can share it with their friends.   Might want to open a business and use it as their online store. For politically motivated person they use Facebook to spark interest in their bids for election.  Some would like to speak with others who share their interest. No matter what the reasons maybe with its growing popularity and usage no wonder Facebook has become one of the top among Social Networking sites today.  Users take advantage of the phenomenal growth of this technology and you seem to be out of this world if you don’t have an FB account.

FB was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg together with his fellow computer science students and college roommates.  It is a Social network service to help people grasp what’s going on in their world.  Likewise, the author also wanted to create an environment where people could share information but, also have control over such information they shared.  I am pretty sure all of us have notice the Privacy settings as one of the features in Facebook.  In this feature, you have the option of whom to share your information with. It’s very clear, right? But some users missed this point. Undeniably, there are crimes and tragedy linking to Facebook. Some were even attacked by harsh and degrading statements. We should be careful in what information we share and invite as friends in order to avoid circumstances that would harm us.

There’s nothing wrong with Facebook in fact I find it useful… let’s just be careful. For people who are planning to have FB account, setting a Facebook is easy.   You just need to have an email address and of course a password.   Always remember never ever share your password to anyone. Welcome to Facebook!

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