February 4, 2011

What You Need To Know About Facebook

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People now have greater access to the internet.  Besides, Social networking is growing and gaining more popularity among users.  Instead of sending text messages they turn to this channel to send greetings to their loved ones, friends, and families here and abroad.  Why people are using Facebook?  I guess people might just want to have their own place to upload photos so that they can share it with their friends.   Might want to open a business and use it as their online store. For politically motivated person they use Facebook to spark interest in their bids for election.  Some would like to speak with others who share their interest. No matter what the reasons maybe with its growing popularity and usage no wonder Facebook has become one of the top among Social Networking sites today.  Users take advantage of the phenomenal growth of this technology and you seem to be out of this world if you don’t have an FB account.

FB was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg together with his fellow computer science students and college roommates.  It is a Social network service to help people grasp what’s going on in their world.  Likewise, the author also wanted to create an environment where people could share information but, also have control over such information they shared.  I am pretty sure all of us have notice the Privacy settings as one of the features in Facebook.  In this feature, you have the option of whom to share your information with. It’s very clear, right? But some users missed this point. Undeniably, there are crimes and tragedy linking to Facebook. Some were even attacked by harsh and degrading statements. We should be careful in what information we share and invite as friends in order to avoid circumstances that would harm us.

There’s nothing wrong with Facebook in fact I find it useful… let’s just be careful. For people who are planning to have FB account, setting a Facebook is easy.   You just need to have an email address and of course a password.   Always remember never ever share your password to anyone. Welcome to Facebook!

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