February 10, 2011

Helping Others realized The Benefits of Dark Chocolates

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Chocolates is very popular and a favorite present especially for lovers and soon to be sweethearts. When we mentioned chocolate first thing that comes in mind is it is “sweet” and should be eaten moderately because it contains high calorie and a high fat food.  Although some fat in dark chocolate don’t have bearing in your cholesterol.  I love chocolates in fact I have my own favorites, but I go for Dark chocolates. Dark chocolate is a chocolate without milk solids and this kind of chocolate is susceptible to dry, it has chalky texture and has both sweet and bitter taste.  The key ingredients in dark chocolate are cacao beans, sugar and lecithin, this components help to retain its quality.  Dark chocolates can be classified according to their cocoa solid content in a bar.  Usually commercial dark chocolate bars contains 30%, 70% and 75%% respectively or 80% above for extremely dark chocolates.  It is also known as bittersweet chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate and sweet dark chocolate.

Eating a small bar of dark chocolate everyday can help keep your heart running well.  It can reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol as well.   If you eat half bar of dark chocolate in a day you must refrain from eating other sweets, instead, eat less of something else to maintain your calorie.  You should know that chocolates have 300 compounds and chemicals in every bite so, better take time and enjoy the taste.  It has higher antioxidants compared to milk chocolates. When buying dark chocolate choose pure dark chocolates or with nuts, orange peel and other flavorings except with caramel, nougat etc. they just added sugar and fat in it.  Avoid milk after eating dark chocolate for it will prevent the proper absorption of antioxidants in your body.

February 9, 2011

Why Cell phones Make Life Easier


This modern times cell phone is important to stay connected with your friends, family and loved ones. It helps people save money and time by giving instructions directly while busy for some other functions outside.  It offers a sense of security to many users.  It allows information reach to its target quickly and helps save life during emergencies.  Cell phones has the capability to store data and take pictures during any special occasions and ordinary days a feature which makes young and adult alike fully enjoys.  Amazing right?  Though there are still available phones in the market that don’t have  built- in cameras but still very useful when it comes to sending messages.

Today, manufacturers take advantage of this technology and turned out producing different kinds of cell phones from expensive to less expensive type.  This leaves consumers the option to choose in buying a cell phone.  As years go by, new phones are introduced in the market with features similar to computers.  This allows users to log on to their emails, Facebook, and Twitter and even update their blogs while they are on the go.

I remember few years back when cell phone was first introduced in the market it was bulky, some even required a base unit and you can only use it in a designated area where there is a signal. Today, the used of Satellites and wireless services make cell phones easy to use and accessible anytime, making life easier.  Aside from security, owning a cell phone nowadays became a status symbol.

February 7, 2011

Make Your Own Blog and Start Blogging This 2011

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February 07, 2011

Blogging is very popular nowadays for many reasons.  Others are into blogging because writing is their passion.   Blogging for them is a hobby, in blogging you will meet different personalities which then later blossom into friendship.  You can also share your point of view and join forums and discussions on the web. Blogging as a source of additional income and a lot more.   You may know some  people now who are into blogging and some of you might want to try and start a blog but don’t know how.  A lot of my friends are asking me what is a blog? how to start a blog? and what is blogging?

A blog is a website that is use to share opinions, discussions and any online journal which enables readers to comment on any post or articles.

A Blogger is a person who maintains or updates a blog.  Blogging on the other hand is the act of publishing a blog, or writing a new entry.

Anyone can start a blog all you have to do is to choose between these popular providers like LiveJournal,,, Xanga and Webs.  Register now and follow the steps provided.  Don’t worry about your design for ready made templates are provided.  You can add free blogging freebies like tag boards, imoods, buttons. etc. It’s up for you if you change it later to make it more personalize.  There are many sites that offers free templates like free blogger templates.  You can also chose if you want your blog to be public or  private.  After setting up your blog you may now start writing your posts.

Before anything else be sure to know what you want in your blog.  Decide the title first so that you will not end up thinking until you realized you wasted your time. It’s a fact that at first, it will seem tough to figure out what to write, but once you get into the habit of daily blogging, you will find it addictive.  You can write as many topic as you want or anything you are interested in. Write about your day, your thoughts, events, ideas, fears, pleasures, the news, current affairs, art, etc.

Blogging is not just all about writing or updating your blog.  You have to visit other blogs/websites to build blogging circles.  Be sure to leave your url when you join any forums/discussions and when you visit other sites or blogs so that others may notice and visit you back.  This is one way to get traffic to your site.

Now that you have a blog you may explore sites that offers tutorials and information on how to make money on line and from your blog to make blogging more exciting!

February 4, 2011

What You Need To Know About Facebook

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People now have greater access to the internet.  Besides, Social networking is growing and gaining more popularity among users.  Instead of sending text messages they turn to this channel to send greetings to their loved ones, friends, and families here and abroad.  Why people are using Facebook?  I guess people might just want to have their own place to upload photos so that they can share it with their friends.   Might want to open a business and use it as their online store. For politically motivated person they use Facebook to spark interest in their bids for election.  Some would like to speak with others who share their interest. No matter what the reasons maybe with its growing popularity and usage no wonder Facebook has become one of the top among Social Networking sites today.  Users take advantage of the phenomenal growth of this technology and you seem to be out of this world if you don’t have an FB account.

FB was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg together with his fellow computer science students and college roommates.  It is a Social network service to help people grasp what’s going on in their world.  Likewise, the author also wanted to create an environment where people could share information but, also have control over such information they shared.  I am pretty sure all of us have notice the Privacy settings as one of the features in Facebook.  In this feature, you have the option of whom to share your information with. It’s very clear, right? But some users missed this point. Undeniably, there are crimes and tragedy linking to Facebook. Some were even attacked by harsh and degrading statements. We should be careful in what information we share and invite as friends in order to avoid circumstances that would harm us.

There’s nothing wrong with Facebook in fact I find it useful… let’s just be careful. For people who are planning to have FB account, setting a Facebook is easy.   You just need to have an email address and of course a password.   Always remember never ever share your password to anyone. Welcome to Facebook!

February 3, 2011

What Everybody Should Know About Thyroid Disease and Goiter

Thyroid disease is one of the most common diseases that usually occurs in women.  It happens when the thyroid gland could not supply the appropriate amount of hormones required in the body. There are two diverse condition if you have this disease and they are called hypothyroidism means the thyroid is releasing inadequate amount of hormone to the bloodstream. The other condition is hyperthyroidism your thyroid releases too much hormones in the bloodstream.  One indication of a person who has hyperthyroidism is when the eyes appear to bulge out, look like they’re staring or always feel irritated.  But, no matter what the condition is whether a person is hypo or hyper the thyroid can become larger than normal. When the lump under your skin in the thyroid can easily be seen or felt it is called goiter.

If you suspect that you have a goiter you can do a thyroid self-exam at home.  Get a glass of water and stand in front of the mirror, drink some water while you swallow, watch your neck between your Adams apple and collarbone.  If you notice something unusual like a bulge or a lump around your thyroid gland then it is best to see your doctor.  It may not be alarming but it could also lead to thyroid cancer. Your doctor will guide you and start any treatment necessary for your condition. If everything feels normal then nothing to worry.

An auto-immune disease called Graves Disease usually is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism. This condition produces abnormal types of antibodies which make the thyroid gland produces more  thyroid hormone and eventually thyroid gland will enlarge. The enlargement of the thyroid is called goiter.  I suffered from goiter for how many years and I had my thyroidectomy last November, 2010.  But, I am still obliged to see my doctor every after three months.

February 2, 2011

Simple And Economical Way To fight Wrinkles

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I realized women as they age became conscious and tend to look for alternative to delay aging.  Certainly it is inevitable but there are many ways or alternative to delay the process of aging. New technologies and beauty products were introduced in the market today and people have a lot of options  depending on their choices.  They can go for alternative or the other way around which is the cosmetic surgery.  Cosmetic surgery is gaining more popularity nowadays but there are still individuals who believed and choose the natural way of combating the appearance of wrinkles and maintaining their beauty.

We all know that wrinkles can’t be avoided but, I also believed that it can be delayed.  That’s why we should take good care of our body especially our skin by avoiding direct  and too much exposure to sunlight.  If this could not be avoided then better use sunblock. According to some experts it is still best to go herbal.  You can use Milk cream and do not let sweat stay longer on your face, and above all wash your face regularly. Our economy nowadays is not that stable and financial crisis is being felt by the majority.  Despite this happening now I think we can still pamper ourselves by not spending too much in maintaining our beauty.  Try the home remedy for wrinkles. Buy 3 to 4 capsules of vitamin A, pour the content in a bowl.  Add half teaspoon of honey which you can buy in any supermarkets in your area. 2 teaspoon yoghurt and half teaspoon lemon juice. Mix them together and apply the mixture on your face using a clean cotton or your clean fingers. Let it stay for 15 minutes and then wash it off. That’s it. It’s very simple, economical and you can do it yourself while in the comforts of your home.

I Am Back

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Long time ago I decided to create another blog.   I could not immediately start then because I had a hard time deciding what will be the concept and the title of it.  I made my first two content on Personal notes here last Nov 2010  and it stopped there.  Now I am back, I will do my best to be able to share relevant and useful content here related to my iExpress blog categories.

November 23, 2010

Dull Moments?

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Don’t let dull moments get you down.  There are a lot of  good things that you can do.  Lose yourself and your worries make your day productive by sewing worn out clothes, cook some favorite recipe, by writing, or hit the gym and perspire a lot to release toxins in your body.


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I never knew about blogging although I heard people mentioning it but I was never interested at it first. Until one day when I was certain to resigned from my job. Blogging was formally introduced to me by a friend and then later I found myself soliciting ideas and advises on how to blog from new acquaintances whom I know is into blogging. My first ever blog entitled “Every Thought Counts” was born two years ago and continue to exist up to this time.

Blogging suppresses my lull time. When I’m feeling tired or something and alone I resort to blogging to keep me more alive and alert, it keeps me going. My other blog on the other hand, is more focus on my personal activities, its like a journal, wherein I jot down some important and selected happenings and events I am into.

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