February 2, 2011

I Am Back

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Long time ago I decided to create another blog.   I could not immediately start then because I had a hard time deciding what will be the concept and the title of it.  I made my first two content on Personal notes here last Nov 2010  and it stopped there.  Now I am back, I will do my best to be able to share relevant and useful content here related to my iExpress blog categories.

November 23, 2010

Dull Moments?

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Don’t let dull moments get you down.  There are a lot of  good things that you can do.  Lose yourself and your worries make your day productive by sewing worn out clothes, cook some favorite recipe, by writing, or hit the gym and perspire a lot to release toxins in your body.


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I never knew about blogging although I heard people mentioning it but I was never interested at it first. Until one day when I was certain to resigned from my job. Blogging was formally introduced to me by a friend and then later I found myself soliciting ideas and advises on how to blog from new acquaintances whom I know is into blogging. My first ever blog entitled “Every Thought Counts” was born two years ago and continue to exist up to this time.

Blogging suppresses my lull time. When I’m feeling tired or something and alone I resort to blogging to keep me more alive and alert, it keeps me going. My other blog on the other hand, is more focus on my personal activities, its like a journal, wherein I jot down some important and selected happenings and events I am into.

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