March 3, 2011

Maqui Berry The new King of Super fruits

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The Acai berry from Brazil and Wolfberry (Gouji) from China, these two nutritious and super fruits were previously reported and known to have contain the highest antioxidants. Today, the maqui berry was introduced as the new king of super fruits.

It originates from Patagonia highlands in Chile.  Maqui berry is a deep purpled berry with the highest antioxidants strength among all berries on earth.  The antioxidant power of maqui berry surpasses Acai berry, wolfberry, mangosteen, pomegranate, noni and all other super fruits. The maqui berry is high in Anthocyanins and polyphenols the powerful antioxidants that gives berries a dark purple color. These two powerful components are strongly anti- inflammatory, reduce allergic reactions, and reduce LDL (bad) Cholesterol. Scientific studies have already shown the beneficial effects of maqui berry to human body.  It promotes healthy joint function, ensures normal cell growth in the colon, pancreas, breast tissue, and other organs.

Many people from all over the world are now discovering maqui berry to be one of the best natural supplements.  It eradicates toxins in your body like unhealthy fats and other toxic materials.  Taking this natural additive will make you strong enough to fight illness and gaining weight.

We all know how important antioxidants in our body, we need powerful antioxidants every day to protect us from free radical damages. Proper amount of physical activity and maqui berry everyday can be helpful in your diet and efforts of losing weight.  It is available in concentrated juice extract, capsules, and powdered drink pre- mix.  This berry juice blend is so strong and you only need to consume 15 ml a day. It is proven to be beneficial aid in weight control, fights many diseases and help improve your immune system.

February 10, 2011

Helping Others realized The Benefits of Dark Chocolates

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Chocolates is very popular and a favorite present especially for lovers and soon to be sweethearts. When we mentioned chocolate first thing that comes in mind is it is “sweet” and should be eaten moderately because it contains high calorie and a high fat food.  Although some fat in dark chocolate don’t have bearing in your cholesterol.  I love chocolates in fact I have my own favorites, but I go for Dark chocolates. Dark chocolate is a chocolate without milk solids and this kind of chocolate is susceptible to dry, it has chalky texture and has both sweet and bitter taste.  The key ingredients in dark chocolate are cacao beans, sugar and lecithin, this components help to retain its quality.  Dark chocolates can be classified according to their cocoa solid content in a bar.  Usually commercial dark chocolate bars contains 30%, 70% and 75%% respectively or 80% above for extremely dark chocolates.  It is also known as bittersweet chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate and sweet dark chocolate.

Eating a small bar of dark chocolate everyday can help keep your heart running well.  It can reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol as well.   If you eat half bar of dark chocolate in a day you must refrain from eating other sweets, instead, eat less of something else to maintain your calorie.  You should know that chocolates have 300 compounds and chemicals in every bite so, better take time and enjoy the taste.  It has higher antioxidants compared to milk chocolates. When buying dark chocolate choose pure dark chocolates or with nuts, orange peel and other flavorings except with caramel, nougat etc. they just added sugar and fat in it.  Avoid milk after eating dark chocolate for it will prevent the proper absorption of antioxidants in your body.

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