March 22, 2011

Potential Risks of Social Networking Sites in Modern Society

Social networking has created a new path to connect and share information.  Millions of people today are turning to social networking websites making it a part of everyday life.  Networking indeed is important to most people who share interest and activities or delve into the interests and activities of others as well.  Social networking…It’s the way the 21st century communicates today and people are taking advantage of what this technology brings.  Although it gives us many new opportunities but there are also potential danger issues which some people might not be aware of.

Most social networking sites have minimum age limit and parents with children under age 13 should supervise their kids in using the internet.   Most children today are hook on the internet and it is easy for them to fool or fake their age.  I guess parents should be there to guide them by not entering too much private data.  Scam is everywhere so be careful with your personal information that can be used in potential crime like identity theft and fraud.

While having fun on our social network often we forget that almost anybody can see what we are doing.  There’s a danger of it especially for employees but good for you if your employer and supervisors are not so very strict. It’s happening now in many offices wherein most employees are using their office hours tagging pictures on what they did over the weekend or updating their walls in Facebook and so on. There are offices which imposed certain policies with regards to the use of internet for personal purposes and many of these offices adhere to this policy. It could cost you your job especially if someone sees you.

Businesses have found a place in most of these social media’s especially for those who have an internet business.  Social network is one way to market certain products and services online.  Business owners take advantage of this available medium to connect with customers in an informal manner.  Basically it creates awareness and online presence.  But, there is a possibility for your company or business susceptible to hackers and critics to generate negative comments that could destroy the reputation of your business.  However, this kind of situation could be avoided or controlled with social media marketing strategies.  Prior to your launching of any business be sure to know the guidelines and the steps in formulating your social media marketing strategies.  Just browse the web for there are many sites which offers tips on how to do it.

Social networks can be used to gain followers of your site or your business, gain more friends and even find romance.  You can stay connected with your loved ones anytime but just put in mind these sites can also be exploited and we need to take care of our reputation.  Remember in life there are opportunities and there are risks too.  Be a giver but don’t give everything in public.

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