February 16, 2011

Ways To Detect A Scam Online

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Everybody works hard to earn a living and to have a decent life.  Even people who are employed are still looking for other possibilities to earn additional income.  More and more people entertain the thought of putting up a business and some became successful entrepreneurs.  Internet business is becoming a trend today.  While many enjoy and get rewarded for working online, beware for there are also scams proliferating on the web.   Remember money does not come easily, you have to work hard in order to earn from the internet.

Maybe you experience receiving emails coming from someone regarding websites offering how to earn money online with too good to be true testimonials.  Even if you see that the site seems to be legitimate be sure to investigate it first, make a research on it.

Never give out your information quickly.  Most of us have the tendency to grab immediately whatever comes our way.  Sometimes we register right away and divulge some other important personal information, which ideally should not be.  There are lots of “get rich” online scheme most of them very fraudulent; Big scams. Beware of them.   Here are some tips to know if those websites are scam sites.

Search about the website preferably in Google. Type the website domain name and space then the word scam example:  “ scam fraud”, you will know immediately the site’s activities.  Check if the site runs an active forum where issues related to site’s activities are discussed.  You will get an idea from the forum itself based on experiences of members.  Another tip to detect if the site is scam is to know if they run an active support system.  If you find one try to ask questions and inquiries and see if they respond quickly.  You will know if it is a scam if they don’t respond to support ticket submitted.  When making a payment on any form be sure the website starts with https://” and not http:// and has a security certificate.

Lastly, go to website “” provided by MacAfee. Paste the website address ex. then click GO.  You will be provided with the needed analysis on the website.  Try also “” where you can get the registered owner/s, addresses and phone numbers.  Scammers normally change addresses.  Legitimate websites normally don’t ask you for a fee.  Choose the free membership website’s available until you are not yet sure of the site.

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  1. One thing that we should be aware about online the scams. Nway, was here again sis. Thank you for the drop by


    Comment by Vicy — February 18, 2011 @ 8:24 AM | Reply

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